While our office is located in a small town, we pride ourselves in serving our communities with the latest technology in the dental world. We use many pieces of modern equipment to make dentistry safer, faster, and easier for all our patients.


Digital X-Rays – Our practice is equipped with digital radiology equipment which emits up to 90% less radiation to the patient. We even have the latest portable machine called Nomad which allows us to take x-rays virtually anywhere in the office. The newest piece of equipment is our panorex machine, which takes a picture of your whole mouth in a matter of seconds. This allows us to see what your jawbones, sinuses, and positions of wisdom teeth for an even more accurate diagnosis. Since all our x-rays are digital, we can send any image to a specialist’s office with just a few clicks for you.


Intraoral Cameras – Every room has color intraoral cameras to take photographs of any area inside your mouth. Now you get to see what the dentist and hygienist see during the exam. These live images act as a useful visual reference for patients being informed of their treatment plan. This magnified view allows you to truly comprehend the condition of your mouth and teeth on a big monitor.


Isolite – We know that sitting in the dental chair for an hour can be tiresome, nerve-wracking, and messy. In order to provide faster, cleaner, and better dental treatment we use a device that does all the work for you! The Isolite system helps keep your mouth open during treatment, captures all the water and saliva, and protects your lips, cheeks, and tongue while we work to help you restore your smile.