Our office takes pride in always putting preventive services at the forefront of our philosophy. A lot of painful dental problems can be avoided by doing simple, quick, low-cost services. These may include:

Cleanings – A healthy mouth benefits from cleanings twice a year to remove soft and hard tissue bacteria that hugs on your teeth days after eating.

Gum treatment – Gums that are irritated and develop infection need proper treatment to remove the bacteria lurking beneath your teeth causing periodontal disease.

Fluoride application – This powerful element has prevented countless cavities and toothaches for centuries. A quick painting after a cleaning ensures a strong and protective cover for your smile.

Sealants – These simple barriers prevent bacteria from filling into the deep grooves of the chewing part of your back teeth. In an area where a brush bristle or floss cannot go, sealants do an excellent job of keeping cavities away.

Bite guard – Many Americans have grinding or clenching habits that wears down enamel and weakens teeth. Wearing a custom made bite guard is a simple appliance to prevent cracks and fractures to develop on your teeth.